Change the disc Brake of your xiaomi mijia scooter

How to change the disc Brake Pads of the M365 ?

I was looking for how to change the disck brake of my xiaomi electric scooter and i found on internet a solution.

Thanks to ferlanero on the forocoches for the solution.

here a translate of his post (if its not good send me a good translate with the contact form)

The disc brake with the Xiaomi Mijia M365 is an AON ANS-03 with pills Clarks CMD-5 / CMD-7 so you can find them on physical stores and Internet bikes for a ridiculously cheap price (the pair will vary between 2 and 8 euros) .

You also can find it on aliexpress : 4 Pairs Bicycle Disc Brake Pads For (AONS) ANS-03/ANS-12&SPEED Clarks CMD-5/CMD-7 Mechanical Voxa MD35 SH840 Bike Brake Pads

  1.  To change the brake pads disk Xiaomi Mijia M365 rear wheel must be removed. Once you are out, allow us to access the inside of the brake caliper. You can use an 6 Allen key.
  2. Unscrew on and completely to the left until the output of the wire with the brake pad (is magnetized and leaves all).
  3. Separate the wire rod, pulling you in the opposite direction of the two.
  4. After replacing the original nine pellet simply undo the previous steps back to let everything like before.
  5. Keep in mind that the internal thread of the brake caliper, which is on the shelf or on the brake disc, so the more we allow the disc to get better braking performance.
    The tablet is single mobile disc when braking is external. As closer to the disk remains as inside, the better. And to get this fine adjustment, it puts the end of the brake housing. If unscrewed on approaching the outer pad to the disc and if we screw turn away this pill disk.



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