firmware update to 1.3.1 for xiaomi electric scooter m 365


Thanks to Jacques for translate

Version : V1.3.1
Update Date :20160704

1. Allow to turn off backward-driving alert by App (require 3.6.0 or higher version of App).
2. Solve the problem that the unit may accelerated by itself at assistant mode.
3. Speed punishment will be implemented only at serious over-speed or over-power riding.
4. Speed punishment will be flot less than 9.3mph (15km/h).
5. Optimize the alert and lean back algorithm for over-power riding.
6. Solve the problem that when turning too fast there will be a fake alert.
7. Optimize the threshold value for overspeed riding.
8. While riding the unit above 3.1mph (5km/h) and then there is no rider detectiong signal (usually because the riders weight is too light or rider just jump off), the unit will not go into assistant mode


9 thoughts on “firmware update to 1.3.1 for xiaomi electric scooter m 365

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      1. Really? How do you do to receive that update? Can you explain it and what did you do to update the Mijia M365? Mine is still stuck on 1.3.0 and I can’t update via Ninebot nor MiHome. Both aplications say “The current vehicle firmware is in its latest version” and I’m on 1.3.0

        Do you have and old model which was updated to the 1.3.1 firmware?

        Thank you for your answers and this affordable blog!


      2. if you can’t update i think you have receive the old version of the scooter like me
        i have successful update 1.2.9 to 1.3.0 but i can’t update to 1.3.1 we have to wait …


  1. bonjour,

    merci pour ce site, parfait, j’ai recu ma trotinette il y a 3 semaines et j’adore.
    Question sur du plat et sans bosse sur la route, je percois une vibration (basse frequence) quand je roule a fond. une vibration sourde peu perceptible (environs 1 coups par seconde) je pense au roulement arriere, quand je deplace mon poids de l’avant a l’arriere la vibration est moins forte sur l’avant…

    Merci de votre aide, avez vous deja changer le roulement arriere ?


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