Forum and telegram for community support


i receive many message with the contact form of the blog, but i can’t answer to all the question

so there is a forum just open this month where you will be able to ask about your mijia m365.

It’s new so don’t be afraid if there is no many people on it at the moment.

For join us and ask your question click here. This a french forum but with an english section

French Telegram group

English Telegram group

Join Forum my electric scooter

3 thoughts on “Forum and telegram for community support

Add yours

  1. Hello if you need help with forum I can help you, I have experience with webhosting, domains etc

    I am too owner of M365 and some experience with fixing issues 😀


  2. Does anyone know if its possible to fix front wheel alignment ? (like in bicycles where you adjust the handlebars to be aligned with the front wheel)


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