Xiaomi Mijia m365 accessories

Here you can see more accessories to customize your xiaomi m365 scooter 16 in 1 Bicycle Tools Sets Mountain Bike Bicycle Multi Repair Tool BETO NEW High-end Plastic Mini Portable Cycling Bike Bicycle Tire Inflator Air Pump With Pressure Handle kids bar for mijia m365 With this additionnal bar for kids , it will be... Continue Reading →

New xiaomi electric scooter M187

There is a new model of xiaomi electric scooter avalaible on gearbest the M187 difference is in Power capacity who offering 20km instead of 30KM You can find it and buy it on Gearbest Main Features ● The electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. The front wheel has E-ABS anti-lock system, while the rear... Continue Reading →

Forum for community support

hi, i receive many message with the contact form of the blog, but i can't answer to all the question so there is a forum just open this month where you will be able to ask about your mijia m365. It's new so don't be afraid if there is no many people on it at... Continue Reading →

Adjusting the brake of your scooter mijia xiaomi

Thanx to Givememoredeals and Jacques for pictures and tutorials Solve the friction problem (wavy disc) You just have to play with the 2 screws(green circile) by shifting them horizontally (red arrows). As soon as the wheel no longer rubs, screw back in the correct position. increase braking 1 -loosen the small screw without removing it... Continue Reading →

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