Solve the battery or ignition problems of your xiaomi scooter

This tutorial aims to help people who have scooter power on issue. It seems that some owners of scooters dating from 2016 have problems due to poor management of Regenerative Braking system . We advise all those who have one to put “WEAK” the level of ” Range of charge mode” in your ninebot app or mi home app

This article is a synthesis of infos found dealabs  (thanks b18685) and forocoches  for pictures

1er case, the easiest

Disassemble the protection that protects the battery pack

Without disassembling anything else, just unplug the large red and black wires from the green round control console (no need to remove the battery!)

  • Connect the power supply to the scooter as if to recharge and wait 30 seconds
  • Disconnect power cable
  • Reconnect the large red and black wire connector
  • Press the start button on the scooter

If this works, close the battery cover and set the” Range of charge mode” setting to “weak” on the ninebot or Mi home app until firmware version 1.31 is available. You can adjust your rear brake manually so that it is a bit more efficient without rubbing on the disc.

2nd case more annoying but feasible: connector desoldered

A connector has been desoldered or made a bad contact (red circle, we do not see all of them in this picture)

Check their connection and redo the solder especially by unplugging ALL the wires that connect battery to the control console and of course by locating them beforehand with a small drawing (no need to disassemble the battery)

Also check that cables are not damaged

  • After welding, reconnect the wires
  • Connect power cable for 30s
  • unplug power cable
  • Power on the scooter
  • If she turn on close the battery cover

3rd case / A fuse has blown

motor brake when the battery is 100% sent too much juice during a throttle lag) (if you are in “middle” or “strong” mode and firmware version <1.31) the system has blown the “Z” fuse ”

Detailed tutorial coming soon




291 thoughts on “Solve the battery or ignition problems of your xiaomi scooter

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  1. Hi guys I’ve had a look and checked for the light and I haven’t got the blue light just a permanent red light wen turn the scooter on. I also checked the battery, it’s deferent to the one you got as an example. It’s has wires going on to each pack. Battery voltage is at 41v. All looks good. Wen I put everything back and rechecked one thing I noticed, if I span the wheel I could hire that the wheels wanted to speed by it self. after playing with the toggle I got it to speen on it self wen I rotated the wheel and it would speed up by it self. I just touched the hand and the toggle and it stopped. It happen in a couple of time in traying. One more thing I can’t control the speed with the toggle most of the time is on full toggle that I can get the scooter to move. Do you guys had any problems with the toggle.
    Regards rod


    1. If the battery is not the standard Xiaomi supplied battery as in the pictures at the top of this blog, then it will be very difficult to help. Can you post a photo of the battery somewhere?


  2. Hi everyone.
    I just bought my Xiaomi scooter, assembled it and it doesn’t turn on at all.
    I push the button once, twice, keep pressed, nothing happen.
    I have attached it to the electricity for several hours and the back light doesn’t bling at all when it’s plugged in.
    It seems it’s completely off and out of order.
    I contact the seller to see if he can replace it with a new one. In the meanwhile: My question is: if I open the battery pack in the lower part will I have problem with the warranty?
    I can try these steps but I don’t want to risk.
    What do you suggest?
    Thanks for your help.


    1. Oh, sorry to hear that. If it doesn’t do anything I believe disconnected cables cannot be the problem however you can unscrew the bottom panel a see if everything is connected. You might see error code as well. Good luck!


      1. where can I see an error code? I haven’t turned on my scooter any time. I never used it. It arrived like that!


  3. Hi everyone, I have received my scooter and it doesn’t work at all since the beginning. I have never used it and it’s brand new.
    It doesn’t turn on in any way and the battery doesn’t charge at all. The light on the charger remains green, it never turns red.
    I opened the bottom part and followed the instructions on this video and others I saw.
    When I plug in the wire to the battery, inside the battery I can see the red light flashing only 4 times. After 4 times it stops blinking.
    I saw the connections on the battery and they seemed well fused on it. No one is moving.
    What do you think it could be the problem? I thought about something about the battery that doesn’t work properly.
    Can someone help me?


    1. It’s definitely a problem with the battery pack so you should get the seller to replace or repair the battery under warranty.

      If he will not and if you can’t get your money back, then you will have to open the battery and repair it as shown at the top of this article. We can help.


      1. Thank you Peter, I will try my best to have my money back, a new scooter or at least a new battery pack. I believe the problem is only about the battery. I opened the battery part underneath the scooter and I followed all the instructions given here.
        The fuses seem fine, no one is moving. The battery produces a red light blinking only for 4 times when the scooter is attached to the electricity. Then it stops and nothing else happen.


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