Solve the battery or ignition problems of your xiaomi scooter

This tutorial aims to help people who have scooter power on issue. It seems that some owners of scooters dating from 2016 have problems due to poor management of Regenerative Braking system . We advise all those who have one to put “WEAK” the level of ” Range of charge mode” in your ninebot app or mi home app

This article is a synthesis of infos found dealabs  (thanks b18685) and forocoches  for pictures

1er case, the easiest

Disassemble the protection that protects the battery pack

Without disassembling anything else, just unplug the large red and black wires from the green round control console (no need to remove the battery!)

  • Connect the power supply to the scooter as if to recharge and wait 30 seconds
  • Disconnect power cable
  • Reconnect the large red and black wire connector
  • Press the start button on the scooter

If this works, close the battery cover and set the” Range of charge mode” setting to “weak” on the ninebot or Mi home app until firmware version 1.31 is available. You can adjust your rear brake manually so that it is a bit more efficient without rubbing on the disc.

2nd case more annoying but feasible: connector desoldered

A connector has been desoldered or made a bad contact (red circle, we do not see all of them in this picture)

Check their connection and redo the solder especially by unplugging ALL the wires that connect battery to the control console and of course by locating them beforehand with a small drawing (no need to disassemble the battery)

Also check that cables are not damaged

  • After welding, reconnect the wires
  • Connect power cable for 30s
  • unplug power cable
  • Power on the scooter
  • If she turn on close the battery cover

3rd case / A fuse has blown

motor brake when the battery is 100% sent too much juice during a throttle lag) (if you are in “middle” or “strong” mode and firmware version <1.31) the system has blown the “Z” fuse ”

Detailed tutorial coming soon



16 thoughts on “Solve the battery or ignition problems of your xiaomi scooter

Add yours

  1. How can we identify the year of production? The ninebot/segway app states battery production date 2017-02-20, and a sticker on the box the scooter came with states 2016?
    As long as i turned on WEAK in the settings nothing should happen?


  2. I have the problem since yesterday after 5 days happy driving…. X_X
    I was braking and the scooter suddenly powered off. It can not be turned on again. I have also charged over 8 hours and no effort.
    I tried the 2 methods above and still cannot turn on. It seems to be a common issue because in youtube there are some videos show the same problem. But some videos ( show that the TRANSISTOR is kaputt while others show that the battery control is kaputt.

    I really dont know what to do… Can someone help me with more specific tutorial?

    Thanks a lot!


  3. I have a problem with my m365, since i braked with a fully charged battery, the scooter turned off and i could not start it again. I opend the battery cover and the battery light lights continuously blue. Can you help me?


  4. Is the tutorial announced in the article still coming? And way more important could anyone please tell where to get a matching replacement fuse?


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