Discount code xiaomi mijia electric scooter (update 08/04/2018)

I will try to update this post with the discount code who are working for buy an electric scooter m365

On gearbest

european version with tyre 320€ !  code : FR183157 and Chose CN-MI wharehouse click here

white version : FR18nouvla1

White version 278€ code : YG365CN60 China WareHouse

version en stock FR : code Novblacbne

Black version 287€ code :  yg365cnhk China WareHouse

Buy on gearbest

On Banggood

100$ off with coupon : 747ab4

Buy on Banggood

On TomTop

315€ with coupon XMS170

Buy on Tomtop

On Aliexpress

no discount at the moment

Vendor 1

Vendor 2

On Igogo

buy on


33 thoughts on “Discount code xiaomi mijia electric scooter (update 08/04/2018)

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  1. Thanks ! Code XIAOMIMX15OFF worked for me as of today, making a final price of 418€ (shipping to France), plus an additional 9€ for a (facultative) shipping insurance !


  2. i had problems with gearbest they canceled my order said that they cant ship to germany. now i ordered on banggood for 519€ and it is already shipped. sadly the code CAA793 didnt work one week ago because it was a “promo”


  3. Salut ,

    Gearbest ne livre pas en France, j ai testé .
    Il m’ont répondu et surtout remboursé .

    Je viens de passer commande sur Banggood avec le code CAA793
    Il est OK et fonctionnel …-55.19 € sur le total.

    Expédition prévue demain 01-05-2017 …

    A suivre


    1. Hello,,
      Un petit point sur la situation:
      Le colis a été expédié le 04/05/2017.

      il est arrivé sur le sol Européen ,voici le tracking:

      Destination Country
      Origin Country – Tracking Consuming: 277 ms
      2017-05-08 09:25 NL, Order Processed: Ready for UPS

      A suivre..


  4. Minos, en fait banggood a juste encodé le colis dans le système d’ups il me semble.
    J’ai commandé la mienne le 25/04
    Et le 02/05 j’ai reçu le numéro de tracking ups avec le même message que toi et 8 jours plus tard j’ai eu comme info via le tracking ups que le colis était arrivé a Amsterdam. Et elle est arrivée aujourd’hui.

    Suivi UPS
    MONS, BE
    11/05/2017 12:41
    Brussels, BE
    11/05/2017 06:00
    En cours de livraison
    11/05/2017 04:37
    Lecture à l’arrivée
    Eindhoven, NL
    11/05/2017 03:00
    Lecture au départ
    Eindhoven, NL
    10/05/2017 21:40
    Lecture à l’arrivée
    Amsterdam, NL
    10/05/2017 20:00
    Lecture au départ
    10/05/2017 17:33
    Lecture de l’origine
    02/05/2017 10:00
    Commande traitée : prête à être gérée par UPS


  5. Salut Alex,

    Merci de ton retour,

    Content pour toi que ta livraison sont OK.

    Pour ma part, je suis toujours dans le trackingUPS à :

    Commande traitée : prête à être gérée par UPS
    Une étiquette d’expédition UPS a été créée. Dès que l’envoi arrivera dans notre centre, les informations de suivi – y compris la date prévue de livraison – seront mises à jour.
    Catégorie d’envoi :ColisExpédié ou facturé le :08/05/2017 Poids :10.00 kg

    Sur le site

    En Transit
    Pays Bas(UPS)
    Dernier événement — 2017-05-08 09:25 NL, Order Processed: Ready for UPS

    Voilà je vous tiens informé dès que ça bouge….



  6. Coucou,

    Et bien ça y est … elle est arrivée aujourd’hui
    Installée , sans soucis.
    Avec mes bons 95 kg …ça tire , ça avance , ça roule …

    J ‘ai cru que ma fille de 40 Kg allait s’envoler au démarrage… elle a fait gratter le pneu avant…

    Un truc de dingue quoi ….!

    Très bonne qualité, conduite confortable et haute !!!
    Pour des grands , nikel pas casser en deux .

    Pour l’instant sans faute la première impression .




  7. Hello, does anyone know TomTop? never heard till today.

    on their facebook page people are unhappy with orders not being sent, and no one answer to their emails or messages.

    i want to order xiaomi m365 but those comments make me to have second thoughts.

    what is your experience with TomTop?

    thank you


      1. thank you for answer, they answer quickly on Q&A on website… the thing is i can buy it from TomTop with 340E + free sheeping + custom free (XMS160)


    1. Hey,
      my experience with them was good, I bought for 335,99 on the 20/09/2017 and customs included. They took time (about 7 days) to answer my emails but always answered. The good thing was I didn´t had problems with customs as they said I wouldn´t and it waslike they said.


      1. But import taxes is not included but on TomTop as far as I read in their own Q&A… care to confirm? Would love to get one but Spain’s customs is managed by wan****


  8. Hello guys, my scooter arrived last week, no extra taxes, directly at home with UPS, ordered from TomTop.
    I already did 100 km and the impression is good, brakes works nice.
    If you have any questions i ll be happy to help you with.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. i am afraid to buy from this site TomTop, as a lot of people already said theat they never received their products and when they tried to contact them they never answered. as somewhere already mentions. What do you think about this site guys?


    1. Ordered two from tomtop and received without a problem, the third is on the way, UPS label already created. Lot of my friends also ordered from them, all were fine and without any damage. Haven’t heard anyone to not receive their m365.


      1. it’s been one and a half month didnt get my order (electric scooter m365). UPS label also created at 2017/09/01, order made on 2017/08/26, today is 2017/10/06. custom service communication is very poor at this problem, i guess they didnt shipped scooter at all. so it up to you, but i suggest not to order on tomtop. look on the internet, the reviews about tomtop is not very satisfying. i’m not the only one with the same problem. good luck
        Tomas Vilda you are lucky guy 🙂


      2. Nerijus, the last one I have ordered was on 08/19. Received on 09/08. I have a friend that took order on 08/23 and still haven’t received. I think this batch has some delay. Tomtop support said that they are processing customs now.


  10. Ordered at TomTop 30/06/17 and haven´t received till now. I cannot recommend this shop.
    Worst shop i´ve ever ordered….Case goes to credit card insurance…


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