Xiaomi Mijia m365 spare parts

Where can i buy Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter spare parts?

Here you can find a list of spare parts for your m365 scooter

You can find many of this directly on Aliexpress clic here but i will list them here too


Disc Brake pads

Original 3.6V ICR18650-M26 2600mAh Max 10A Current battery for LG

Scooter Carry Bag for Xiaomi Mijia Scooter M365

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter charger

EU adapter power cable


Saddle for Mijia Electric Scooter Foldable Seat with Shock Absorber

Xiaomi electric scooter m365 tire 8 1/2×2(50-134) (inner tube included)

Solid Tyre for xiaomi scooter

New version here more easy to set








more result here


Regular V2 tires for xiaomi m365 scooter


M365 disc brake

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter brake handle

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter stents

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter controller

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter battery

XIAOMI Mijia M365 electric scooter Rear fender white

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter Front fender

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter pedal battery cover

XIAOMI M365 Wheel hub motor

XIAOMI M365 electric scooter bell



12 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mijia m365 spare parts

Add yours

  1. Hi, is there a shop, where can I buy a new charging port cover? The red rubber-plastic flopping thing, which is so easy to wrippl off.


  2. Hi, i saw on youtube a recommondation to change the
    Iron part on the kink into a part of silikon. Could you help me, where can i get this equipement for my xiaomi M365 ?


  3. Hi Team,(Love these products) Can you help me find a replacment latch for steering stem on my M365, My one broke (Don’t worry, I was being rough with it, so it’s my own fault! But I would have like to buy an original part.
    Any help would be appreciated!


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