Adjusting the brake of your scooter mijia xiaomi

Thanx to Givememoredeals and Jacques for pictures and tutorials

Solve the friction problem (wavy disc)

You just have to play with the 2 screws(green circile) by shifting them horizontally (red arrows). As soon as the wheel no longer rubs, screw back in the correct position.

increase braking

1 -loosen the small screw without removing it

2 – adjust so that the rear wheel rubs a very little little by passing your Allen key between the spokes of your wheel

3 – tighten the small screw

the screw is an inox a2 M4X5 bout cuvette (M=métrique) X 5 =length

Adjust the brake depth

1 – Loosen the lock nut

2 – Loosen the nut until the plate begins to brake the wheel

3 – Tighten this nut with 2 pieces (your disc must not rub at all)

4 – Secure the counter nut against the support

5 – Never loosen the btr which blocks the cable unless you change the cable

Notice : you can find brake pads   on  this page


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