Print 3D square parts for your xiaomi scooter m365

Update 13/06/2018

Cup Holder by Tnschro


Some parts of your scooter wear out or are perfectible, thanks to the very active community of users, we were able to retrieve somes files and post here

Thanks to Jacques for the tutorial

  1. go to url or other 3d online printer
  2. upload your .stl file
  3. On righ botttom click on  “3D printing Streatstock”  link
  4. Choose black color and  (on top clic small arrow) polyester

Note: For protection of the anti-vibration seal of the handlebar fold, cap charger, protector button on, cover it must take semi flexible sheetah otherwise it is too expensive in full stretch

Download 3D files

In zip file you will find

  • antivibration handlebar 8mm : antivibration08mm.stl
  • antivibration handlebar 10mm : antivibration10mm.stl
  • stop light cable cover : Protegecable gardeboue.stl
  • Power on cover : Couvercle etanche bouton POWER ON OFF.stl
  • protective cap of the recharging slot : Bouchon étanche rechargement.stl
  • The fastening of the hook allowing to fix the handlebar of the trott in folded mode on the mudguard: Couverture pour crochet fixation guidon sur garde boue.stl

Download 3D files


3 thoughts on “Print 3D square parts for your xiaomi scooter m365

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  1. Hello
    I have bought thé 365 scooter but it has been delivered without the 2 screws to hold thé handle bar, Can you tell me how to get them please


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